Alkylating Agent

Burkitt's and other Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. Malignant lymphomas; multiple myeloma; leukemias; neuroblastoma, adenocarcinoma of the ovary, retinoblastoma; carcinoma of the breast.

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Treatment of Hodgkin's disease (stages III and IV); lymphocytic lymphoma; histiocytic lymphoma; advanced stage of mycosis fungoides; advanced carcinoma of the testis; Kaposi's sarcoma and histiocytosis X. Treatment of choriocarcinoma resistant to other chemothrapeutic agents; carcinoma of the breast.

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Gastric cancer, cholecyst cancr, bilianry tract cancer, pancreatic cancer, hepatocarcinoma, colonic cancer, rectal cancer, pulmonary cancer, mastocarcinoma, hysterocarcinoma, ovarian cancer. For induction of clinical remission and/or maintenance therapy in acute myeloid leukemia, acute non-lymphoblastic leukemia, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, blast crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia, diffuse histiocytic lymphomas.

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President's Message

Twenty years ago, we dreamed of a company that can offer to Filipino patients quality yet affordable oncology products and eventually become a significant player and preferred partner in the healthcare industry.

A team of experienced pharmaceutical executives puts that dream into motion.  The company was named QUALIMED PHARMA, INC., truly representative of the quality medicines it will offer into the oncology market. Just like any start-up, the company was challenged from all fronts. Expertise and partnering with the right stakeholders, however, prevailed that sales grew continuously to more than Php 300 Million at the end of last fiscal year.

In the middle of 2017, another dream sprang requiring the company to expand to at least Php1Billion in 5 years.  Sounds very ambitious but only one knows the outcome if carefully thought of and well-researched plans will be put into the test. The project is on.

Cognizant of the fact that the business model being followed by the company cannot easily grow and expand into Php 1 Billion business in so short a time, the company moved to expand vertically and horizontally. Business Development and Regulatory Affairs were strengthened to help search, identify and fill in the necessary requisites completing and sealing the gaps in between.

Going into the heart of the plan, we have identified products to fill in potential therapy areas other than Oncology. The potential and growth of these products and therapy carry us to our next level of ambition.

The company started to embark on a program to train and develop its Human Resource, the best asset of any company. Sales-experienced Specialists were promoted to handle teams. Territories have been divided to ensure wider reaches and call frequencies worthy to assure enhancement of customer relationship. New talents were brought in from other companies bringing with them their own set of expertise and relationships with doctors and customers.

Sales Admin was put up and reinforced to dedicatedly focus support to the team.

Programs, awareness and sales-generating projects by the Marketing Department started and continue to support the sales activities.

Finance and Accounting were beefed up to solicit funding support from institutions necessary to finance the impending growth of the business.

All these, will no doubt answer the question. And, barring any major complications in the market, politics, and economy of the Republic, our internal strength and resolve to prove that indeed we are truly a significant player in the healthcare industry.

Partner with us and take advantage of the growing sales potential of the Philippine market.


Oscar J. Aragon